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The HOCTAR (Host gene Opposite Correlated TARgets) tool is a new procedure to improve the prediction of miRNA targets. The HOCTAR procedure is based on the integration of expression profiling and sequence-based miRNA target recognition softwares. HOCTAR database (db) is the first and unique database to use transcriptomic data to score putative miRNA targets looking at the expression behaviour of their host genes, and it includes and re-analyzes all miRNA target predictions generated by softwares such as miRanda, TargetScan and PicTar. The HOCTARdb contains the prediction target lists for 290 human intragenic miRNAs and also provides tentative assignments of miRNA function based on Gene Ontology analyses of their predicted targets. There are two ways to interrogate HOCTARdb: (i) by selecting a miRNA using either an alphabetically sorted pull-down menu in the "microRNA" query, or (ii) by typing a target gene symbol (HUGO Gene Name-approved) in the "Target Gene Name" query.

  1. Gennarino VA, Sardiello M, Mutarelli M, Dharmalingam G, Maselli V, Lago G, Banfi S.
    HOCTAR database: A unique resource for microRNA target prediction.
    Gene 2011 March 21

  2. Gennarino VA, Sardiello M, Avellino R, Meola N, Maselli V, Anand S, Cutillo L, Ballabio A, Banfi S.
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HOCTAR releases: HOCTAR 1.0 March 2009
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